Sabrina Felker


Crossfit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

Crossfit Kids Certified

Professional Sports Nutrition & Performance Certified

CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer Course

Crossfit Movement & Mobility Certified

Crossfit Powerlifting Certified

Sabrina excelled in team sports from a young age and some might say she has a bit of a competitive side. She played multiple sports while in high school and attended a private University in Southern California on a volleyball scholarship. After college, she struggled with maintaining a fitness program, finding most gyms, routines and classes she tried were missing the elements of competition and comradery that motivated her.

Sabrina was introduced to CrossFit by her younger brother, who had learned about it and it’s extensive benefits during his Marine Officers Training. After a few YouTube clips and some quick research, Sabrina was in the next Intro class at CrossFit Orlando, which just happened to have been taught by Lou and Gabe. It only took that one class and she was hooked. While she enjoys that CrossFit provides her the ability to compete, whether it be in the regular class or in a local competition, what keeps Sabrina coming back are the relationships and community developed at CFO. She continues to grow as a CrossFit athlete, focusing some of her attention on the importance of nutrition. Nutrition now plays a huge part in Sabrina’s life as she has seen the positive outcomes in her training that are associated with eating clean and macro counting.

At CFO Sabrina plays the role of Head Coach, in which she helps to drive the unity of the team and gym. As head coach of CFO, Sabrina teaches Intro classes and Foundations classes to new members, runs multiple CrossFit classes, is the leader of the Iron Maiden’s Barbell Club, and offers individualized nutrition training to members.