Luciano Sperduto


Crossfit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

Crossfit Movement & Mobility Certified

Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certified

Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer Course

Crossfit Pose Method Certified

USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach L1

Crossfit Powerlifting Certified

Luciano was introduced to CrossFit in June of 2011 and hasn’t been the same since. Competitive sports, specifically rugby, were a big part of Lou’s life from a very young age. Lou excelled at rugby, playing a key part in his nationally ranked high school team, and went on to captain Boston University’s rugby team.

He has always valued the camaraderie of team sports and the ability to motivate one another through teaching and doing. CrossFit became a natural fit for Lou, initially through learning the competitive nature and ultimately through understanding that it is much more about your team and your community. Mental resilience is also a very important trait he has learned which can transcend into everyday life: “BUIYATAOO – Believe Unconditionally In Yourself And The Ability Of Others.”

CrossFit not only transformed Lou through the sport but also through nutrition. Nutrition always played a big role in his life, but since CrossFit has become such a significant part of his life, he has discovered the benefits associated with appropriate nutrition, and what positive results it can bring to his training.

“In October of 2013 Gabe and I were presented with an opportunity to purchase CFO from the original owner. It was a dream I had for quite some time. My dream became reality just a month later. Our focus is to make CFO the best CrossFit box around for all of our members. CFO needs to be transcendent, and WE are here to motivate, exemplify, COACH, listen and, most of all, make everyone BETTER THAN YESTERDAY! I love CrossFit and what it has done for my life and nothing makes me happier than being able to introduce it to others.” -Lou