Getting Started

Get Started

To get started at CrossFit Orlando, come in for our Free Intro Class. We have a group Free Intro Class every Saturday morning at 9am. You can register by clicking here. Can’t make a Saturday morning? No problem. Just shoot an email to with your name and the days/times that work best for you and we’ll find a coach that can do a Private Free Intro Class for you. Private Free Intro Classes are scheduled based on coach availability but can generally be scheduled at 6am weekday mornings or 5pm or later weekday afternoons.

What to expect

Our Free Intro Class is designed to be informative and fun! It’s approximately 1 hour long and includes all of the info you need, as well as a workout at the end of the class. Not only will you learn about CrossFit in general, and why we do what we do, you’ll also meet coaches and members of CFO and get a feel for how our ‘box’ operates.

What to Bring

You need only bring your commitment to doing your best. That’s all we ever ask of anyone at CFO. Anything less is only cheating yourself. Bring a bottled water and make sure you wear comfortable workout clothes. We suggest you do not come to the Intro on an empty stomach. If you’re an early riser, eat a full meal 2 hours before coming. If you’d rather sleep in a little we suggest at least a little bit of carbohydrates and protein. An egg (or 2) and some fruit should be fine for most people.