Gabriel Haas


Crossfit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

Crossfit Movement & Mobility Certified

Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer Course

Crossfit Pose Method Certified

USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach L1

Crossfit Powerlifting Certified

 Gabe has always been active through working out and sports, and was always on the lookout for new and interesting things to add to his routine. He first began adding a few CrossFit exercises to his garage-gym routine after a friend introduced him to At the time there was only one CrossFit in the area and it was nowhere near him, so the garage routine had to suffice.

Then in November 2009, CFO opened. While it took Gabe a couple of months to get around to checking it out, once he did in early 2010, he was both intimidated and excited by what he found. He started like so many others; by taking the free intro class. And like many others, he was immediately hooked…attending regular classes starting the next morning. Soon after, he was in class 5 or 6 days a week. He immersed himself in CrossFit, going back and reading the first 150 or so CrossFit Journal articles, mostly by Glassman himself, and trying to wrap his head around what he had discovered.

In August 2011, he completed his CrossFit Level One Trainer Certification (CF-L1) and immediately started coaching. In November 2013, Lou and Gabe took over CrossFit Orlando and the rest is history, as they say.

“My goal is to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be. Let me know how I can help.” – Gabe