About Us

Our Story

Originally, Luciano and Gabriel were coaches at Crossfit Orlando while it was under different ownership. They found themselves getting more heavily involved, and discovered the joy they found in meeting new members and the excitement of helping people improve their health. It came to be that the original Crossfit Orlando owner wanted to sell the gym.

The two coaches jumped on this unique opportunity, and have since moved the facility into a new space and have grown the business and community into a place that fosters growth, both personally and physically.

Crossfit Orlando aims to make a profound impact on the Orlando community by providing a space where people can make significant changes in their lives. Gabriel and Luciano desire to teach people that it does not matter what your past is, not only from a fitness perspective but also from a more personal perspective. It doesn’t matter where their members are from, what their careers are, how much money they make. In the gym, everyone is equal, and everyone has the same opportunity for success.

This desire, in turn, creates a supportive and diverse community, where people from all walks of life connect. People who never would have met each other in their day to day lives become close friends, and it is this kind of unity that Gabriel and Luciano wish to perpetuate.

At the end of the day, they wish to create a fitness facility where a member can get a great workout, forget the stresses of the day, and connect with others without having to do anything besides show up.