Part 1: 25mins
Muscle Up Progressions – Stations
1. Part 1: The Swing (high rings – use box to step off of) – 5-7mins
– Hollow Body
– Initiate from shoulder
– False Grip (karate chop the ring)

2. Part 2: Support on top of the Rings (low rings) – 5-7mins
– Jump into position of support at top of ring dip. Hold athletes rings close to body if needed. Need to develop support at top of ring dip/MU
– If can perform ring dip they perform it STRICT otherwise they can lower themselves so feet are on ground and then continue back to top of the dip by using their feet on the return as well.
– Set this up so each athlete has a spotter and then they can rotate.

3. Part 3: Seated Strict Muscle-up with band (low rings) – 5-7mins
– Pull Rings to chest two times (fists meet)
– Pull Rings to chest third time then turn over
– This can also be done from knees where athlete pauses at each position without the band.

Part 2:
CrossFit Open Prep/Conditioning
AMRAP 12min
5 Muscle Ups
10 Thrusters (115/75)
20 Double Unders
*MU Sub: 2 Dips : 1 MU
* 3 SU : 1 DU