Part 1:
Workout Prep:
(5min) Review KB Swing with a light load.
3 Rounds
Perform 5 Russian Swings followed by 5 Full Swings


(5min) Review Toes to Bar.
Perform 10 Gymnastics Kips (brag swings) followed by 5 knees high (to get momentum for lifting toes to bar)
For people who have toes to bar, perform 5 reps, or as a scale, attempt to get toes as high as possible.

Prep for Workout
3 Rounds:
6 Overhead Squats (start with empty BB)
6 KB Swings
Increase load each round. Last round should be working weight.

Part 2:
5 Rounds for total reps:
1min Overhead Squat (115/75)
1min Russian KB Swing (24/16)
1min Toes to bar
Rest 1min

Weighted sit ups
3 x 20 with anchored feet