“Your Thoughts become your Words, Your Words lead to Action, and Action will dictate your Results.

If you have negative approach to a workout or are disappointed with your performance you need to turn it around mentally. Instead of dwelling on how bad your handstand push ups are and fearing the workout, be excited at the opportunity to become better at a weakness.

During the workout recognize the voice in your head. That is your personal coach. Is that voice a good coach or bad coach? Is the voice telling you that you can lift the weight, that you can do one more rep, that you can be a little bit faster? Or is the voice reminding you about the pain, how heavy the weight is, and that you need more rest?

After the WOD reinforce anything that went well and use any negatives as a learning experiences. Take solace in the fact that we fail in training to succeed in competition. You need to fail reps, blow up, and try new things that don’t work in order to improve. Focus on the improving, not the failing. While you are lying on the floor after the wod tell yourself that you love the feeling of battery acid in your veins, you love working hard, and that you got 1% better today.”

– Ben Bergeron