Hey CFO,

Many of you have completed 4 weeks of the hatch squat cycle.  Remember one of the main reasons so many athletes see success with the hatch squat cycle is because the back and front squat are the biggest result producing movements and give the biggest return. They build great strength in the greatest strength producing area, legs and hips!  The benefits are great in terms of strength, body control, and overall athletic development. The increased total-body strength that we will develop from squatting will help everyone and often in ways that you won’t even expect.

It is important to remember that on some days, you may feel like the weights calculated for you are easy. This isn’t a bad thing, stick with those weights as prescribed, don’t add weight because you “feel like I got stronger.” On other days, the weights may feel ridiculously heavy, this is also ok. Try your best to achieve the reps and weights as indicated and know that the program is designed so that some days will feel really, really freaking hard, and that you’re going to have to give it 110% to get through those days.  As a result you may feel weaker during your WOD’s on that given day.  It’s a normal reaction, you are putting your body through something it has never been through before and experienced.  That’s what’s amazing about the human body, it will adapt over time and just when it’s about to reach adaptation we will SHOCK IT AGAIN!  Constantly Varied!

Part 1:
Hatch Squat Cycle
Week 5 Day 1

Part 2:
3 Rounds for Time:
Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings (24/16kg)
12 Hip Extensions