Please arrive 10-15mins prior to class to complete your CF Warm-up.

Part 1:
EMOM 12 mins
2 Power Cleans + 2 Split Jerks
@ 70%

Part 2:
Deadlift (225/155)
Run 400M


Re-post of some helpful info on “Hatch.”

Hatch Squat Link:

Click on “open document here” and plug your 1RM Back Squat and Front Squat into the top of the spread sheet.

This is a 12-week squatting program developed by U.S. Olympic weightlifting coach Gayle Hatch. The program calls for two squat workouts per week, and every rep of every squat workout in this cycle is determined by a percentage of your 1rm back squat or 1rm front squat. If you missed your max-effort days from last week and do not know your 1rm back squat and 1rm front squat, you will need to test these ASAP. The idea here is something that was a major emphasis when Gabe and I took the USA Weightlifting L-1 … The back and front squat are the biggest result producing movements and give the biggest return. They build great strength in the greatest strength producing area, legs and hips! Athletes will need there 1RM BS and FS to start this program. The benefits are great in terms of strength, body control, and overall athletic development. The increased total-body strength that we will develop from squatting will help everyone and often in ways that you won’t even expect.