We’d like to thank everyone for all the support you have provided to us over our first two months.  We’re so thankful for our community and culture that continues to grow thanks to the passion you have for CFO.  As we go into 2014, with so much ahead of us and so many goals, we want to say how much we appreciate the entire CFO Family.  Every single CFO Family Member is a part of our movement to create a better community.  Together we strive and push each other to achieve well beyond what he or she thought possible. We work hard to create an environment that makes you, as an athlete, comfortable to step outside of your comfort zone. We are here to help you, chase something more and be better at whatever the hell you want to be!  Look out 2014, we’re not afraid!

Happy Holidays,

Lou & Gabe

CFO, Re-Established November 1st 2013