Just a reminder to all as we move into the holidays and people start taking trips and extended breaks from the gym. Prolonged vacation just sends all that progress backwards and we see a lot of struggle and pain to get back into things in January. Try to stay consistent through the holidays, and make the best choices you can when faced with holiday meals. It may not seem at the time like skipping the beer, stuffing, and bread pudding will make a difference, but it really does. Do some research on Paleo holiday recipes. Also visit other affiliates when you travel, most are very welcoming to visitors. Look up travel WoDs you can do with minimal equipment. Get something done, even if not feeling motivated; you’ll be glad you did.

Holiday Hours:

Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Years day.

Closing Sundays Starting Nov. 13. 

Open gym on Saturday is moved to 9:00 AM (8:00 AM Class is still there).

REGISTER for classes. Empty classes will be cancelled. Daytime 9 and 10 AM classes especially have been sporadic, and may be cut back if attendance stays low. Either way, be sure to REGISTER, and you’ll see the proper schedule and receive any notifications.