Nutrition Challengers should be starting logs today, so here’s a few guidelines of what we want to see for the log. If you’re just doing Paleo, we still need to see type and amount of food in a written or printable format. Quantities can be any way you want to measure, such as “8 asparagus spears”, “4 ounces of chicken” etc. If you’re doing zone, we need actual zone block counts – so more precise measurements. A small handwritten notebook works best and can always be accessible. Here’s an example log on zone with mostly paleo quality foods:

And here is an example of an online nutrition tracking log. Some good ones are, fitday, daily plate, mynetdiary. Note that if you are using an online version that isn’t specifically for the Zone, there’s some extra steps you have to think about to figure out Zone blocks (ask if you need to do this). Zone blocks are just a quick convenient way to measure and after you do it a few weeks becomes easy to eyeball measure.