Our 30-day summer nutrition challenge officially begins next Tuesday. This time around, we’re allowing a choice of Paleo or Zone, or combine both for the best results. Printouts of the rules and guidelines will be available at the gym, or email me for the PDF version. Buy-in is only $25, to help cover the prizes and party at the end, and you’ll need to do a weigh in and photo before and after the challenge.

New bodyfat analysis system from BodyMetrix has been ordered and should be in by the start of the challenge. For those wanting more accurate numbers, and continued evaluation of muscle mass and fat %, it’s highly recommended to sign up for an analysis. There will be a small charge for these sessions to help pay for the system.

Beach Party: The weekend after the end of the challenge, we’ll be having a big beach party at Paul & Lisa’s condo at New Smyrna. Hooverball, beach WoD, and fun in the sun.

To help all the Paleo challenger’s get started, we’ve got Rosa’s Farms starting deliveries again to our gym. Rosa’s is an all humanely pasture raised & grass fed organic farm located in Ocala. The quality and flavor of their food is outstanding. If you’ve never tried a real pasture raised chicken, treat yourself at least once and you’ll wonder how you’ve been eating cardboard all this time.

Following is the link to Rosa’s web site and store price list – normally we get some discounts off this on a big order. Please send me an email with what you’d like, even if it’s just a few items. Hopefully we can get enough interest to continue regular orders from them. All items come in frozen except eggs. We’ll keep it at the gym in coolers and our fridge the day of delivery for you to come pick up. Next delivery is June 29th.