THE CHALLENGE (January 13th – March 10).

8 weeks of strict eating “Paleo”. Trust us when we say this will change your life if you let it.

This will change the way you think about what you eat, what your tastes and cravings are, and likely permanently change your lifestyle, health, performance, energy levels, and moods for the better.

A food log must be kept, and we’ll be doing photos and performance comparisons from before and after the challenge. There will also be a weigh-in at the start, midway through, and end. Food logs are due at the midway point and at the end. (Note: this is not strict weighing and measuring, we just need to see a log of what you’re doing).

The “buy-in” for the challenge is $50. Winners will be determined by a scoring system evenly split among three things: points given for the food logs, workout performance improvements, and before/after photo voting results. This year we have 5 winning slots: 1st prize male and female, and runner ups, and a “newbie” category winner.

Detailed rules sheet and guidelines available in the office, or email us if you want a PDF version. Sign up’s begin Monday the 10th (schedule a 15 minute appointment to weigh in and sign up), and the official first day we need logs and weigh in deadline is Thursday Jan. 13th.