4:30 MWF class is back starting Monday and for the next month it’ll be there on a trial basis. If enough people consistently come to this class it will stay on the schedule.

Also, the 9:30 AM class has been empty many days, and some of the people who do come at that time have expressed a preference for 4:30. If you want the 9:30 to stay on the schedule, please start pre-registering for it and come to it, otherwise it likely will be canceled next month.

In general, everyone needs to be better about pre-registering for classes. It helps us manage our schedules and plan the equipment to know who will be in a class. As we’ve been reaching full classes at times, we may ask that you wait until the next class if you did not pre-register. If you miss the 2-hour cutoff window for registration, give us a call to see if there’s room.