Monday October 4 2010

Article: Alcohol vs. CrossFit (from CrossFit South Bay – CA)

No one can deny: drunk can be fun. Not much has changed since high school/college other than maybe my alcohol tolerance and propensity to prank/trespass/sleep in public places. However, how much I value my health has definitely changed, hence the frequency I partake…

Alcohol & Performance

  • Consuming alcohol after a workout can cancel out any physiological gains you may have received from the activity.
  • Alcohol use drastically reduces protein synthesis resulting in a decrease in muscle growth, and even short-term alcohol use can impede muscle growth.
  • Even a small amount of alcohol severely disrupts sleep resulting in suppressed vital hormones (particularly HGH by as much as 70% — a hormone integral to sustained muscle building and repair) and decreased oxygen availability resulting in decreased endurance.


For Time:

  • 21 Clean & Jerk (135/93)
  • 21 Pull Ups
  • 1000m Row


  • Row 200m, rest 2 minutes, at damper settings 1, 5, 10. Record each time.