Apologies for taking awhile to get this out.

Announcing the official winners of our third Nutrition challenge:

Team 2, consisting of:

Kasey, Lisa C., Britt, Tiffany, Phillip

Overall individual winner: Tiffany

Tiffany turned in a consistently great food log, and hit up the workouts regularly and with intensity. She’s had awesome results in a short time with CFO. Congrats, Tiffany!

It was fairly challenging to make final decisions on winners as every team had some great performers as well as some who totally dropped out. No team stayed fully intact or organized, making any before-after group comparisons difficult. After seeing the trouble groups had organizing among themselves, we’ll most likely be going back to individual style challenges in future. We decided to compute final food log scores by averaging team members points. Team 1 gave team 2 a run for their money toward the end, but there was no question team 2 had the most consistent scores throughout.