Kevin rocking out on Back Squats

Paleo/Zone Challenge #2

Hello members! This past nutrition challenge is the second one since our gym opened back in November. Not only did we have more participation from members this time around, but it was clear that the additional nutrition focus helped people stay on track, better their performance, and feel happier and healthier overall. Additionally, the challenge enabled members to discuss progress before and after class, and added to a cohesive feeling of community, which is very important to us here at CrossFit Orlando!

Okay, enough small talk…onto the results! In order of votes, here are the following individuals who placed 1-5 in this Paleo challenge.

1. Kevin Kuryliw (The winner!)

2. Cole Oliver

3. Michelle Allegra

4. Lori Schwartzerg

5. Kasey Sirianni

As one can easily tell, we have two of our very own trainers (Kevin and Lori) on the list of top five for this challenge! What a cool thing, and surely inspiring because they obviously practice what they preach! The whole reason we allowed trainers in the challenge this time was because, simply put, they are inspired by all of you! Just as people tend to achieve greater results by being a part of challenge which embodies accountability, comradeship, and helpful advice, so too do the trainers  benefit by being a part of the competition. . .watching you all work hard every day inspires the trainers to pursue their own performance and health goals.

Kevin, the winner of this challenge, dropped 10.8 pounds, reduced body fat by 3.4%, increased lean muscle, and made huge gains in terms of PR’s on WOD’s and lifts. Also, he reached specific goals such as improving endurance, conquering handstand pushups, and achieving his target on snatches! Kevin has been helping us all work our tails off these past few months, and it truly has been great seeing him reach some of his very own goals! And even though he is, yes, a trainer here . . .he unquestionably deserves some recognition for his achievements on this challenge! Since Kevin is a trainer, he will not be winning the free unlimited month membership, however he will be receiving some spare T-shirts and a Rosa’s Farm Foods gift certificate. Great job, Kevin!

Next on the list was Mr. Cole Oliver, pulling in at #2. Cole has been a dedicated member, rocking it out on the WOD’s daily. It must also be mentioned that, for the majority of this challenge, Cole was sporting a boot after finding out he had a stress fracture in his foot from running. Instead of sitting this challenge out, he persevered and made it through all workouts, still managing to flop on the ground after each one as a result of pushing himself so hard.  Cole lost 12.6 pounds, reduced body fat by 3.9%, and killed his old “Jackie” time by completing it over 2 minutes earlier than his original time. Cole also stayed very true to Paleo which undoubtedly helped him reach his goals all while in the midst of working through a period of injury. Cole sets a good example for all of us . . .no excuses! And since Kevin is a trainer and will not get a free month of training, a month of free classes goes to our good friend, Cole! Congrats!

Rolling in at #3 was Ms. Michelle Allegra! Michelle has been an amazing contributor to Crossfit Orlando, has brought many of her friends this way, and is always advocating for the benefits of CrossFit training and nutrition mentalities. Michelle brings great energy, passion, and hard work to each WOD. Michelle made huge improvements during this challenge. . .losing 6.6 pounds, reducing body fat by 2.2%, and is now sporting an even more obvious 6 pack! Body composition goals aside, Michelle is also Rx’ing most workouts now,  her times are improving on all of her WOD’s, and her strength on lifts is increasing each day. Great work, Michelle!

The individual coming in at #4 is our incredible owner and trainer, Lori Schwartzberg! We all know her well, since she helps us push ourselves to our limits, supports us when we are confused or need a boost, and is always there for any and all information regarding nutrition, smart training, and supplementation. So, during this challenge, it is clear how hard Lori personally worked to achieve her own goals, in the midst of helping us all reach our own. Lori dropped 10 pounds, decreased body fat by 2.9%, improved her CrossFit Total WoD by 20 pounds, and improved in all areas of strength, endurance, and power. Thanks, Lori, for all that you do each day! Also, congratulations on your great success during this challenge!

Finally, coming in at #5 is Ms. Kasey Sirianni! Kasey brings enthusiasm, encouragement, personality, and love to everything she does. CrossFit is no exception, and she proved that during this challenge. Kasey worked extremely hard to maintain a Paleo way of eating, stayed consistent with workouts, and reached various performance, body composition, and health goals. Kasey dropped 6.2 pounds, decreased body fat by 1.9%, and is now able to do pullups band-free (one of her performance goals). Great work, Kasey!

While the top 5 have been highlighted in the aforementioned paragraphs, let that not detract from the great efforts and achievements that resulted with everyone else who participated in this Paleo/Zone challenge. Big applause goes out to Elyse, Dylan, Sam D., Scott, Sam A., Tommy, Lisa and Paul O’Grady, Renee, Brian H., Wade, Theresa, John G., Kate, E’lan, Brian and Laura Waterfield, and Nikki K.! It takes guts and commitment to sign up for the challenge, to stay with it each day, and to make it a part of your life. Those who stuck with it have acknowledged how a Paleo way of eating makes them feel better, healthier, happier, and helps in performance and day-to-day living. We encourage all of you, and all the rest of our members, to give Paleo a try, or continue your commitment, to this lifestyle. Trust us, you will feel better, more energized, have more stable moods, and be healthier inside and out!

We have received a plethora of questions regarding when we will be starting our next Paleo Challenge. The next challenge will be slightly different in format, but stay tuned and we’ll be announcing it soon.

Once again, congratulations to our second Paleo Challenge winner, Kevin Kuryliw! Another congrats goes out to our runner-ups–Cole, Michelle, Lori, and Kasey, and for all of those who participated in this challenge. Also, thank you to everyone else who supported participants, despite not taking part in the challenge this go around. While this challenge may be over, keep up the momentum and let us know what we can do to help support your efforts in achieving balance and health, and continuing on with solid nutrition and improved performance.