We’re now going to be trying to stock some Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised meats at the gym, as a service to our members. A delivery from Rosa’s Farms, who some of you ordered from before, is coming tomorrow (5/26). We’re also looking at other sources, trying to get the best quality foods as local as possible. Everything will come frozen and stored in the freezer at the gym.

Unlike before, we aren’t doing individualized orders, but rather looking to bulk order the popular items so we can pass on the best prices. If you want something specific you can always let us know. Rosa’s will be coming once a month, and if the service is popular we’ll be getting some more variety of items.

We aren’t looking to compete with Whole Foods, where you can buy good grass fed beef at reasonable prices, and you’re encouraged to shop there and other places. But, there are some things like real pasture raised chickens, pork, and raw milk you can’t find at any stores and we hope to fill the need for some of those items and provide convenience for all you paleo-eating members.

Look to see seafood soon, as well as things like grass-fed minimal processed jerky, maybe “paleo kits”, high quality fish oil, etc. Post replies here for specific interests and feedback.