The votes are in!  It was a tight race – each of our finalists made impressive changes both in their body composition and workout scores.  In the end, one person pulled ahead of the votes making them the distinctive winner.

Congratulations to Laura Waterfield, our first Nutrition Challenge winner!  In the eight week challenge, Laura lost a total of 10.4 lbs, for a 6.9% loss.  Her daily workout scores have also made dramatic improvement.  Notably her pull-ups went from a blue-band all the way to 10 full pull-ups, sans band, and without dropping.  She’s RXing over half of the workouts now.  Very impressive!

Coming in second place, we have a tie.  Congratulations to both Lisa O’Grady and Paul O’Grady as our runner-ups!  Both Lisa and Paul have made considerable changes as well, with Lisa dropping in weight and body fat and Paul leaning out.  Likewise their workout scores continue to improve each and every day.

Everyone that participated in our New Year’s Nutrition Challenge deserves a round of applause for the effort they put in.  We hope that your eating habits continue in the right direction!  We’ll be holding our next nutrition challenge in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to sign-up for that!

Once again, congratulations to Laura Waterfield as our first Nutrition Challenge winner!