One service we’d like to provide here at CrossFit Orlando is easier access to local pasture-raised meats. I’ve been ordering from a Dr. Steve Moreau – who provides a pickup service, for the last couple of years, as well as shopping at Whole Foods selectively for their grass-fed meat and wild seafood. Whole Foods is good, but the prices can be steep – I typically stick to frozen berries and veggies there, and the lower priced grass-fed beef cuts, eggs, and fish. Also Costco is a good place for getting wild fish and fruits and veggies on a budget.

Much more economical is to go direct to some of these farms who are now following the sustainable pasture farming practices. A common practice is to buy a whole cow or “cow share” where you pay a great price per pound – usually somewhere around $3-$5, that includes all cuts, so you get a lot of ground beef, stew meat, and a decent selection of steaks and roasts. There’s farms you can mail order from, and a few options locally, mostly up around Ocala. Farms usually require some time to process, cut, pack and freeze the order, and you’ll need to plan for how you’re getting it and where to store it.


Dr. Moreau is focused on raw milk dairy, but also brings back excellent eggs and a variety of meat. He visits several farms in the Ocala area every two weeks, including Rosa’s Farm.

I’m currently getting some eggs and misc items from him, and would be willing to pick up other people’s orders as well if there is interest. Pickup is in Longwood, and there is a delivery fee per order – he won’t combine large orders.

Rosa’s Farm


Then, there is Rosa’s Farm in Citra, FL, near Ocala. They have an actual store, where they keep smaller items to sell to the public. Joe and I visited there last week and the food we had at the party Saturday was all theirs. Al Rosa is a well-known chef and they have their own pasture raised cows and chickens, as well as bring in other products for his restaurant and store.  Their public price list is posted here:

But, they almost always have lower prices for regular customers and pickups at their farm. For example the ground beef was $5/lb, the chicken breast $5.99/lb, pork chops $5/lb, whole chicken $3.99/lb etc. Our plan is to order from them every couple of weeks, we’ll be going back again Saturday the 19th. They also might be willing to deliver for large orders.

Gym Group Orders (our own mini co-op?):

Depending how this goes, what we’ll probably do for now is just charge a small handling fee an order for Rosa’s. For Dr. Moreau, I expect the orders will be smaller and not as frequent (his next one isn’t until January and pickup is local, so there likely won’t be any fee on top of his).

Also, we’ll be looking into cow shares and even better prices for larger orders, which will probably also mean getting some more freezers – let us know if you come across a good deal on freezers.

To Order Meat:

For now, just email us at if you’d like to put in an order, listing exactly what you want from our next trip to Rosa’s. We’ll bring it back with separate receipts, stick it in the freezer, and you can pick up and pay for it during the next few days.


Strict Paleo doesn’t include dairy, but it’s a bit of a controversial gray area – IF you go for raw, whole, grass-fed dairy – standard supermarket dairy is pretty horrible stuff once you look more closely at it. Food for thought on Raw Dairy: