Some guidelines to make the most out of your experience and to help continue building a strong CFO community:


  • Veterans, introduce yourself to someone if you don’t recognize them – at one point that was you.
  • Finished your WOD? Good job! Now, recover, hang out for a little and cheer on others still WODing. There is no hurry to break your bar down after you complete the WOD (unless it helps to provide extra space for others still WODing).
  • Arrive 10-15 mins prior to YOUR class so you are able to complete your “CrossFit WARM UP” (conveniently posted in the front of the class for you). It is essential and will help you to not only build on your foundational movements but also work on your “GOATS.”
  • Respect your coaches and let them coach. It’s never fun to try and talk over others while instructing. Don’t disrupt or delay the class. Once instruction has started, stop talking and listen, even if you know how to do the movement(s).
  • When we are lifting heavy things during the strength portion of class- Go heavy! Find your max for the day! Move through the full range of motion! Work at YOUR own ability! You are expected to max out a lift because that is how you get stronger – whether it’s 1lb or 100lbs heavier than last time…you’re still getting stronger!.
  • Every time you lift you are going for a new Personal Record also known as a “PR”. When you are going for that new PR, do the move correctly and use the full range of motion described for the lift. Almost below parallel on a squat is the same as no squat – It doesn’t count. Almost locked out overhead is the same as not locked out – It doesn’t count. We have movement standards and we expect our members to live up to them.
  • A “PR” is always followed by YOU ringing the “PR Bell”!
  • Dropping a barbell from overhead is dangerous. Make sure you control the barbell to avoid having it bounce back onto yourself or another member. DO NOT drop empty/unloaded barbells. Not only is it loud, it is also bad for the barbell. The bumper plates absorb impact. Without them, the collars and bearings of the barbell get ruined. Bottom line: DO NOT “ghost ride” your barbells. If you drop your barbell, follow it down and make sure it lands safely.
  • Do NOT drop the kettlebells or dumbbells. Do NOT let the rower handles snap back into the catch when you’re done rowing. Control them as you let go. If you use something, put it away when you’re done. And while you’re at it, put it in the right place. Pretty simple. This includes bumper plates, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, foam rollers, jump ropes, lacrosse balls, Abmats, yoga mats (with straps)… you get the point.
  • Everyone loves working out to music but not everyone loves the same music to work out to. If you have a request, talk to the coach BEFOREHAND and we will do our best to make everyone happy (as long as you don’t request Yanni).
  • Please refrain from throwing up or spitting anywhere besides the garbage or the bathroom.
  • Clean up your DNA. We love that you put your blood, sweat, and tears into your workout. We just ask that you clean it up afterwards. There are disinfectant wipes, cleaning solution, and towels at the gym for your convenience.
  • Chalk belongs in only two places…your hands and in the bucket. DO NOT make it snow in the gym. I know the chalk smells nice, but no one wants to inhale a cloud of it when they’re in the middle of a workout. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not OK to throw the chalk balls on the floor.
  • Check your ego at the door. Somewhere, someone is warming up with your PR weight. Work hard and give your best effort. Have a good attitude and be optimistic about your training. This stuff takes time so be patient. Enjoy the process and push yourself and others to become better.
  • Bring things to our attention and give us feedback. If you notice that equipment is broken, the batteries in the scale are dead, or there’s no toilet paper, let us know so we can fix it. If you don’t understand the workout or a particular exercise, speak up. If you have a suggestion or ideas to improve the gym, let’s hear it. We really appreciate the feedback.

Have fun- Make sure not to take anyone too seriously. We make a lot of jokes around CFO. We want to create an environment where everyone can relax and have a good time.