Is CrossFit Endurance for you?CFO-Endurance.Final

Well, if you have you ever said you wanted to be a better runner, participate in a race, step up your CrossFit game, or better yet are tempted to rest on days when running is in the WOD…then CrossFit Endurance is for you! What if instead of thinking “I hate running” when you saw it in a WOD you thought to yourself, “Yes! This WOD will be a piece of cake because I can rest on the runs!” What if running was the easy part?!

Most people aren’t taught how to run; in order to be a better, more efficient runner, proper form is essential.  Just like any other movement in CrossFit, you need the correct form and technique to perform the movement as proficient as possible. In Our 6-week CrossFit Endurance Program we will be going over form, correct foot placement, posture, and pacing. This program will include a video analysis of your individual running form, plenty of running drills, and last but not least it will be fun!


During the week you will be given homework so you can hone in on your endurance. We will have a limited amount of spots available so sign up now! You do not have to be a CrossFit Orlando member to be a part of CFO Endurance