• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

My favorite part about coaching CrossFit is seeing a fire ignite in an athlete. Sometimes it’s the beginner that has just learned the difference between a push jerk and a push press, and sometimes it’s the tenured bad ass that casually puts up the best time every day. But the best part about coaching is seeing the athlete physically saying, “it’s time to understand that there shouldn’t be a limit”. When they defy their own expectations and step into this uncomfortable zone, that is when coaching CrossFit brings in a new element to just being “rewarding”. The exciting part about this is that it can happen at any point in time, and we as coaches can help inspire and/or teach this sort of intensity.

I started doing CrossFit in 2012 after I realized that running on a treadmill indoors and spending 10 minutes trying to adjust each machine to fit my small stature wasn’t enough to get me to the gym on a daily basis. A friend pulled me into a box, and I was in love with this new sport. I grew up playing sports and I played soccer through college, so I was used to having friends challenge me while working out. Along with the amazing benefits to my social life (I met my husband Joe at our previous gym), I naturally wanted to help others meet their fitness goals. I coached CrossFit for a year in Kansas City, and now couldn’t ask for a better gym to be coaching at.